The Good Poem Project

the good poem project

a collaborative poetry experiment

What's a good poem, anyway?

How and why do we assign value to poems? Is a poem good when it lingers in our thoughts, when it gets published, or when it brings us catharsis? Is a good poem easy to understand upon first glance, or does it take time to uncover its meaning? Does a good poem literally do good? Do we individually decide what a good poem is, or do we decide collaboratively? Do some people have more power in the collaborative process than others?

Of course, there are no right or wrong answers to these question – but, sometimes the unknowable thing is what’s most important to know.

That’s why I want you to tell me how you define a “good poem.”

Whether you’re a poetry professor, a young fiction writer, a casual reader, or if  you don’t even like poetry, I want to hear from you!

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